October 15 - 22, 2023

Tarot & Unwind Retreat in El Quindio, Colombia with Rhonda Alin

Rhonda will offer her workshop on “Cards in Colombia: Expanding your Tarot Landscape” to guide participants on moving past perceived borders in the landscape of Tarot, tapping into the stories of the people and the land to enhance the relationships with personal guides and symbolism.  

”We tend to get stuck in patterns, even as readers, and being somewhere completely different can help us to stretch our perceived understanding of the landscape within the cards." - Rhonda

Rhonda Alin is a Tarot Reader, Tarot Instructor, and the founder of Northern New Jersey Tarot.  She purchased her first deck of divination cards at age 12 and has worked with them ever since.  Rhonda has studied Tarot with some of the most respected and accomplished readers, authors and deck designers in the Tarot community and continues her studies by presenting at and attending annual international conferences.  Publications: “Witch’s Sun Sign Series – Scorpio Witch'', Llewellyn (release date 2023). Conferences:  2022 WitchFest USA; 2022 Emerging Paths – Between the Veils Conference; 2023 WitchsFest USA; 2023 Scottish Goddess Conference.

Skill Level: All levels

Capacity: 10 people

Location: El Quindio, Colombia

Retreat Description

Rhonda's guidance in conjunction with the power of nature in El Quindio and the comfort of Casa Andaluna provide an unforgettable spiritual experience. This Program is offered for only ten attendees on a first-come, first-served basis which means that Rhonda will be able to connect with the participants more deeply. You will receive personal attention and practices to support your highest growth.  

Casa Andaluna is a magnificent place right in the heart of the main coffee region in Colombia. It overlooks hundreds of acres of coffee plantations with breathtaking views of el Quindio province. The Quindio department consists entirely of mountain landscapes covered in tropical rainforest and Guadua  bamboo forests. The ground is enriched with ancient volcanic eruptions, raising its fertility. 


This area holds the energy of the Quimbaya natives. Many residents claim full or partial descent from Quimbaya native peoples and live in rural pueblos all over Quindio. This is a one of a kind opportunity for spiritual awakening and development surrounded by the magnificence of nature.

In addition to spiritual enlightenment activities at Casa Andaluna, each retreat will include two mid-week excursions to beautiful nearby areas, where we will dive into authentic, culturally rich experiences in rural Colombia.

Total Cost per Guest

USD $2600 Single occupancy  @ Casa Andaluna*

USD $1850 Double occupancy @ Casa Andaluna*

USD $500 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your place.  If needed to cancel, it will be credited towards another retreat. Consult form of payment. 

Inquires to Optional Extended Stay, please contact Laura Soulages @ retreats.andaluna@gmail.com

Included in This Package

Not Included in This Package


(Andaluna 6:00 - 7:00 pm Dinner and 7:00 - 7:30 pm Closing Ceremony)

(Andaluna 6:00 - 7:00 pm Dinner and 7:00 - 7:30 pm Closing Ceremony)

Regular Daily Schedule

How to Get There

You can book your flight into the city of Armenia (El Eden International Airport AXM) in Quindio, Colombia (25 minutes from Casa Andaluna) with Spirit Airlines or Avianca Airlines. If you are traveling with Avianca Airlines, you will stop in Bogota (the capital of Colombia) and then fly to Armenia. We will pick you up and drop off at the airport. 

If you are flying with American Airlines, you can book your flight to the city of Pereira Pereira Matecana Airport PEI), Quindio, Colombia. This airport is 2 hours from Casa Andaluna. 


*In case of any currency fluctuations or amendment in local Government taxes, or any fuel spike, we reserve the right to adjust the price accordingly.

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